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"My sister used WiggleButts for her wedding this weekend and I cannot recommend them enough! Without their help we would’ve had a difficult time making sure Graham and Tank were there for the big day, so having their help allowed us to relax and enjoy everything."


"We  just utilized WiggleButts for our wedding and our day was perfect thanks to them. WiggleButts got our girls to and from the venue safely, helped during photos, tended to them throughout the day, and got them down the aisle. It was so special having our babies part of our day and an added bonus that there was zero stress or hassle on my end.

Do yourself a favor and use WiggleButts!

"Seriously WiggleButts made it amazing that we could have both the dogs there and not have to worry about them!"


"Rachel & her team are absolutely amazing!! They are so helpful with the pups during wedding photos and events. They definitely know what they are doing and you can tell they love doing it!! One of the highlights of my day was having my fur babies be apart of it and it wouldn’t have been possible without the Wigglebutts team."

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